Meet the face and heart of Merritt Island’s Lickity Split Signs & Banners — Nick and Karen Efstathiou

As Nick & Karen Efstathiou were enjoying successful careers in the field of restaurant management, the story of their unforeseen move toward ownership and operation of a signage and graphics company is one of pure serendipity.

In 1992, Nick’s father in law had a piece of property that he wanted to sell. To promote the listing, he asked Nick to have a sign made to advertise the property. Nick walked into a local sign shop and discovered that the signs were computer generated and the atmosphere in the sign shop was very casual, the owners were dressed in shorts and t-shirts which was much more desirable that a jacket and tie that Nick was used to. In working with the sign shop Nick discovered that he enjoyed the creative process that went into making his first sign, and after the sign proved instrumental in expediting the sale of the property, he saw the potential of making a business, while doing something that he enjoyed. With this new vision and enthusiasm, Nick left the food-service industry behind, and the husband and wife team embarked together on their new business venture, forming Lickity Split Signs & Banners.

Today, more than two decades later, Nick and his wife Karen, the owners and daily operators of Lickity Split, and are proud to have Merritt Island, FL, as their home. The Efstathious have a deep appreciation for both the man-made and natural wonders that combine to make the Merritt Island community such a great place to live and work. From the unique privilege of viewing space launches at NASA’s Cape Canaveral from their backyard, to the beauty and diversity of the area’s waterways and wildlife, the Central Florida Space Coast region is truly a special place to call home.

Purpose with Principles

From the very beginning, Lickity Split Signs & Banners has been a Christian and community-focused business. Active involvement, along with time and resource donations to churches, schools, and youth sports teams in Merritt Island, has been Nick and Karen’s way of giving back to a community that has given so much to them.

The ethics that drive the Efstathiou’s civic involvement also dictates the mission for their business. At Lickity Split, the purpose is three-fold:

  • To design and produce the best possible product for our clients.
  • To do great work, Fast – hence the name Lickity Split.
  • To build and maintain lasting relationships with individuals, businesses, and organizations in the greater Merritt Island region.

Nick and Karen strongly believe that personal, face-to-face interaction, with an emphasis on listening to the need and vision of the client, has been the key to their longevity. Clients often arrive with a clear idea for a project, but are uncertain of how the final product should be executed. At Lickity Split, it’s not only our job–but our joy–to grasp the client’s vision, and bring it to life.

Buying Local Supports and Sustains the Merritt Island Economy

Lickity Split makes is easy to “buy local.” Sending a digital printing or graphics project to an out of town facility is time and money misspent. Lickity Split Signs and Banners utilizes the latest in printing technologies on in-house, high quality equipment for the production of signs, banners, graphics, vinyl lettering, and digital printing projects. Because we are local, revisions to your project are easily accommodated, and rush-projects can be completed on time, on budget, and often with a same-day, Lickity Split turnaround.

Experience, Expertise, and Technology

Technology integration within the graphics industry has seen tremendous change in the twenty-plus years that we have been in business. In acquiring innovative, large-scale printing equipment, Lickity Split has embraced and kept pace with technological advancements within the printing industry. These investments combined with decades of experience, have given us the expertise to produce the high quality end product that today’s marketplace demands. When your project is completed, the quality of the final product says as much about us, as it does about you.

Let’s Get Started!

Whether you have a finalized project ready for printing, or have design in mind, but are unsure of how to complete it, we want to help. We are ready to assist you in person or over the phone, 321-459-0024. We will enthusiastically review your project needs, recommend materials and sign types, and complete the project for you. We want Lickity Split to be your go-to source for signs, banners, bumper stickers, vinyl lettering, and vehicle graphics.